Monday, 28 May 2012

28. Birthday Wishes

In 3 weeks I'm turning the grand old age of 22! eek! Definatley can't pretend I'm a kid after this birthday. As I'm currently laid in bed feeling sorry for my self as I'm very sun burnt (who knew English sun could do so much damage!) I decided to do a little wish list to make me feel better. I dont usually get alot of of presents for my birthday usually money and a few little things to open, It's good in a way as I get to buy what ever takes my fancy but I usually end up dwindelling it all away so it would be nice to have a few suprises! This is what I have been lusting over lately.

1. I love this sequin off the shoulder dress from Virgos Lounge, It's so unusual and has a vintage look to it, the sequins make it the perfect party dress!
2. I have been wanting some Converse forever I've just never gotten round to getting any! I spotted this pair on ASOS the other day and love the cute confetti print, it just makes them that little bit different to the usual high tops.
3. Wedges are perfect for the summer, I love this glitter pair from Topshop, they're the perfect day to night shoe.
4. I've been wanting some Disco Pants forever just never fancied dishing out on the hefty price tag! After alot of deliberation I've decided I'm finally ready to make the splurge so I will definatley be buying them with my birthday money if I dont get them as a present! I love the red so much but think I'd get alot more wear out of the navy.

Tomorrow I'm off to see 'What to expect when your expecting' I cant't wait, it looks so funny, Will let you know what I think of it.



  1. those wedges are to die for!

    im trying to convince my bf to go c that film too! it's got cheryl in so i wanna c it! ;)


    1. the film was brill! even boys would enjoy it, soo funny! xxx

  2. great blog :) check out mine :)