Wednesday, 30 May 2012

30. Peplum

Today I had to pop into town to take my phone in as the button isn't working, so annoying! Anyway while I was there I naturally had to pop into Primark, I'd spotted a lime coloured peplum top on someones blog and wanted to grab it as I knew it will sell out soon! After trying on the lime I decided to get the cream aswell, They'll be perfect with printed trousers and denim shorts. I also found some great leggins in one of those shops that sell copys of all the highstreet shoes, theyre just like the AA disco leggins and were only £12! Heres some of the things I bought today and how I plan on wearing them.

Top - Primark, Necklace - Matalan, Leggins - Graffiti, 
Bag - Topshop, Shoes - Christian Louboutin

I love the cream top with the black leggins with statement colourfull accessories, the heart shaped bag adds a fun touch and love the multi colour necklace.


29. What To Expect

Last night I went to go see What To Expect When Your'e Expecting. I have to say I wasn't sure what the film would be like as I'm not into the whole baby thing but it was helarious! With it's all star cast it provided laughs from start to finish, the 'Dude Club' moments I particularly enjoyed! I would say it's a definate must see! This is what I wore..

Kimono - Monsoon, Vest - Custom, Bag - Louis Vuitton, Jeans - H&M, Shoes - ASOS

I wanted to show you all this YSL logo vest I made, It was a simple white vest and I used Dylon fabric paint in Bronze. I printed the logo off the internet, cut it out then drew round it with pencil whilst it was stretched over some cardboard and simply painted it on. I think it looks great and I'm deffiatley going to try it with some more items. The kimono was such a bargin, it was £120 reduced to £25! I love the fringing and the colours, I think it's the perfect cover up for the summer.

Have you seen What To Expect yet? What did you think?

Monday, 28 May 2012

28. Birthday Wishes

In 3 weeks I'm turning the grand old age of 22! eek! Definatley can't pretend I'm a kid after this birthday. As I'm currently laid in bed feeling sorry for my self as I'm very sun burnt (who knew English sun could do so much damage!) I decided to do a little wish list to make me feel better. I dont usually get alot of of presents for my birthday usually money and a few little things to open, It's good in a way as I get to buy what ever takes my fancy but I usually end up dwindelling it all away so it would be nice to have a few suprises! This is what I have been lusting over lately.

1. I love this sequin off the shoulder dress from Virgos Lounge, It's so unusual and has a vintage look to it, the sequins make it the perfect party dress!
2. I have been wanting some Converse forever I've just never gotten round to getting any! I spotted this pair on ASOS the other day and love the cute confetti print, it just makes them that little bit different to the usual high tops.
3. Wedges are perfect for the summer, I love this glitter pair from Topshop, they're the perfect day to night shoe.
4. I've been wanting some Disco Pants forever just never fancied dishing out on the hefty price tag! After alot of deliberation I've decided I'm finally ready to make the splurge so I will definatley be buying them with my birthday money if I dont get them as a present! I love the red so much but think I'd get alot more wear out of the navy.

Tomorrow I'm off to see 'What to expect when your expecting' I cant't wait, it looks so funny, Will let you know what I think of it.


Sunday, 27 May 2012

27. A Nod To Neon

Ahh lovely weather yet again! I have spent the afternoon sunbathing trying to catch up with everyones tans! Love laying out in it with radio one playing all the summer classics, feeling like your on holiday. I've caught a tiny tan, hope it stays like this on Wednesday for my next day off to get a full days tanning in.

This afternoon I'm off for a long overdue catch up with a friend and this is what i'm wearing.

 Sunglasses - Prada, Dress - TK Maxx, Belt - Newlook, Watch - Michael Kors, Bag - Paris

How cute is this dress from TK Maxx! I know the shop is a nightmare and you have to be in the right mood to rummage the rails but it really is worth it when you find something like this for only £14.99. I love that its so on trend with the neon print, perfect for summer days and holidays, I also feel like it could be dressed up for a night out. Today I'm wearing it with a silver plaited metal belt and my flatforms and taking my black leather biker jacket along for when it gets a bit chilly. I got this bag from a souvenier shop in paris and I love it, I'm obbsessed with everything to do with the place any way but think this little bag is so cute, it looks slightly vintage, perfect addition to the outfit.


Saturday, 26 May 2012

26. Summer Lovin'

Can't belive the sun has stayed out this long. I hate that every one is popping up on my twitter feed saying they have tan lines and I'm still this pastey even with a slick of fake tan, I can't wait for tomorrow when I can lay out and soak the sun up all day and hopefully get a bit of colour in my cheeks!

Last night I went for a few drinks with my boyfriend just at the local pub. This is what I wore.

Denim Shirt and Dress - Topshop, Necklace - Clothes Show,
Flatforms - River Island, Sunglasses - Prada
I love floral prints for the summer and I got this dress from Topshop last year and wore it to death, I love it when you find something you love and can carry it from season to season. Even though my flatforms give me the most painful blisters (beauty is pain right?) I absoutley love them, I'm a huge fan and need more, I think they will be a trend thats here to stay. I added this loose fit denim shirt to take off the chill when the wind picks up. Perfect outfit for a few relaxing summer drinks.
Today I've been at work (still not seen the sun!) and then spent this evening making some gorgeous easy to make maxi skirts, if you have a sewing machine anyone could make them! Will be posting about them soon.
Also I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has been reading my blog, it means alot as I really didn't think anyone would find what I had to say interesting! Hope to carry on keeping you entertained :)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

25. How I Wore Tie Dye Tassels

Hope you have all read my last post on how I created this lovely top. Tonight I went out for my tea with some friends and sat in a beer garden soaking up the sun. I want this weather to stay so badly, I am such a summer dresser I hate thinking of a fab outfit and then covering it all up with a big coat! I am much more suited to cute dresses and sandals. This is what I wore tonight.

Sunglasses - Prada, Top - Custom, Necklace - Topshop, Watch - Michael Korrs,
Shorts - Topshop, Bag - Vintage, Sandals - Primark

I teamed the top with these black silk shorts from Topshop as I really wanted the colours to stand out. I love this top so much, think it will be fab on holiday and even with jeans when it gets cooler. Makes me want to dye every thing in my wardrobe!


24. How To - Tie Dye Tassels

I'm kind of loving the latest tie dye trend so I've had a go myself, I did some denim shorts a few weeks ago which I havent had chance to wear yet but last night I had another go with an old dress. It was an old Topshop favorite that I've had for about 3 or 4 years but thought it would be great made into a colourful top so I could get more wear out of it, Heres how to have a go at this Tie Dye effect your self..

Step one - Select the item you want to dye, something white is best as the dye will take better and the colours will be strongest. This is how my dress started.

Step two - Choose your dyes, you can have one or a million different colours its totally up to you! Be sure to pick colours that will compliment each other and think about the colours they will form if they run into each other. The dyes I used were Dylon Fabric Dye in colours - French Lavender, Bahama Blue, Sunflower Yellow and Flamingo Pink. I paid £9.99 for a choice of 4 dyes off eBay.

Step Three - Mix your dyes, I kind of improvised with this part and didnt stick to the instructions on the packet. I put two small spoonfulls of dye into a bottle with hot water and shook it up. I used a travel sized bottle that I got a pack of 5 from Primark for around £2, these are available everywhere and really handy when wanting to create this effect.

Step Four - Find a suitable area you can dye your item, I used a kitchen work top with binliners underneath, this protects the work surface but also holds the dye for it to be absorbing over night.I tied up the ends of the dress to protect them from the dye.  

Step Five - Start applying the dye, I just squirted the dye along in strips.

Step Six - Build up all of the colours along the tassels and leave over night.

Step Seven - After leaving over night, give the item a good rinse and then machine wash, I then cut the bottom of the dress off to make into a top and voila your tie dye tassels are done!

I am really happy with the finished product! I wanted to leave the top all white and just have the tassels in colour but the blue dye absorbed into the top, I think it actually looks really cool and its an effect I couldnt of created if I had wanted too. I really like that you cant make mistakes with Tie Dye and its a totally individual design that you end up with.

Check out my next post on how I wore my new top.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

23. The Start Of Summer

So glad the weathers stayed nice for another day even though it was spent at work! I love the evenings though when the sun is still shining and all you can smell is barbeques, my favorite! I headed for a good old barbie tonight and this is what I wore.
Sunglasses - Primark, Necklace - Clothes Show Live,
Top - George, Belt - Primark, Shorts - River Island, Shoes - Topshop

I love the batwing style of this floral top, I picked it up in George at Asda for £3 in the sale, I also think it'll be great with jeans. Tailored shorts are probably my favorite thing to wear, I got this pair in the end of summer season sale last year for £10 and been waiting to wear them since! I love this outfit, It screams summer with the whites and florals, hope your all enjoying the weather!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

20. Hair Depression

Busy day for me today! After talking about it at work today I finally got the motivation to do some exercise today! This is a big step for me as it has been weeks of me saying I will start tomorrow, as we have a treadmill in our garage theres really no excuse. I used to go to the gym around 4 times a week but since working such long hours I am always too tired when I've finished, I'm hoping I can stick to just doing an hour 3 times a week to keep me feeling fit and healthy, chances are i'll be slouched in bed with a pizza tomorrow!

I used to have lovely thick long hair and in a state of crazy I had it all chopped off! I actually really liked it when I first had it done, I've always had long hair so it was a nice change but it was so difficult to manage, because it's so thick it just all poofed out and I endd up looking like a poodle. I got micro ring extensions that were great but drove me mad, they only lasted about a month because they made my head so irritable. So now my hair is always tied up, it has to be up for work so then it usually just stays up, it takes too long to do anything with it and I'm still never happy with the outcome! I wear clip in extensions for nights out but never really bother with them during the day. I'm just desperate for my hair back, I cant wait to have it freshly washed, scrunch a bit of mousse in it and have perfect messy look effortless hair! My friend recommended some Lee Stafford Hair Growth products that I didnt really think would ever work but after ready soooo many positive reveiws it sounds like they really do so I've just ordered them from the boots website.

There is a shampoo and conditioner that retail at £6.99 each and a treatment that was £7.99. I bought all three but I think alot of people just use the treatment and still get results. I'm going to get my roots touched up before using the products so it helps me see a difference. I really hope they work as I'm desperate to have easy to manage hair again!

I will keep you updated with how I get on with them, I really hope they weren't a waste of money! has anyone else used them? 


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

19. Wednesday Want's

Here are a few of my fave picks from todays new in sections..

Vintage look lace dress - £65, MOTO Tapestry Contrast Hotpants - £34,
Ombre Floral Embroided Top - £28, Jewel Strap Pleated Cami Top - £35

This vintage look dress is so sweet, I love the pale pink with the delicate neck detail. Dresses like these are so versitle as they can be dressed up or dressed out with different accessories, still think the £65 price tag is a little heavy tho!
The MOTO shorts are so cool, So expensive for what they are but give great inspiration. When I was in Paris I found a vintage shop that had Levi shorts for 5Euros! I wish I had brought loads of pairs home to customise as it is so easy to create your own.
The Tapestry Crop top is on trend with the pastel colours, a perfect tee for a easy throw on look with denim shorts, I think it would look great with my peach maxi pleated skirt.
The Jewel strap cami reminds me so much of something Carrie Bradshaw would wear I love it and NEED it!

River Island
Pink Peep Toe Jelly Wedge - £25, Silver Point Perspex Shoe - £50, Orange Studded Mini Skirt - £20, Bright Pink Peep Toe Shoes - £65

Thinking about my holiday when looking at these wedges! They look like the mel ones but at a lower price! They also come in white and yellow, the perfect holiday shoe as not too high and with them being jelly they wont get ruined!
These silver shoes kind of remind me of princess shoes but the perspex sides give them the modern edge, I think they would bring a great high fashion touch to alot of outfits.
This skirt for £20? Hello Vercase! If your not brave enough to try the orange it also comes in black.
Louboutin did a shoe in a similar shape to these peeptoes, they are great for someone who wants to add a nod to the neon trend with out looking too overboard. They also come in the nude with a yellow heel.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

17.Gold Cross

So here it is, my first outfit post and I appologise for the terrible quality! Who knew my room was so dark, going to have to find a better spot for furture pics...

This outfit post is mainly to show you this fab top I picked up this afternoon in Asda of all places! Adsa is right next to where I work so I'm often popping in for food ect so usually have a quick look in the George section, why not ey? I have to say I've been really impressed latley! Now I'm not saying its Topshop or anything but theres the odd bit thats pretty impressive for the price. About 2 weeks ago I got some really nice printed leggings for £8, at that price you dont care if a trend goes out faster than it came in.
Anyway back to the top, Its a lovely cream slouchy knit vest with gold foil cross print. Its bang on trend and only £12! I teamed it with my brown jeggings from Primark, Biker Jacket and my favorite black boots with wooden heel from H&M. I was only going to Nandos so just needed a casual look but I think it'll be great in the summer with denim  shorts and boots or light wash jeans and sandals.

 Its also available in black with gold stars, I wanted both but been trying to kurb my spending habits lately, so just got the one. We'll see how long that lasts!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

16. My Style

As part of my blog I always inted to do outfit posts but never gotten round to it, so before I start I thought I'd talk to you all a bit about my personal style.
As odd as it may sound I kind of treat clothes a bit like fancy dress! With the right outfit you can become anyone. My style is very very ecclectic, one day you could see me in a pretty lace tea dress and the next day in ripped jeans and a biker jacket. There are so many great styles and fashion trends out there I dont know why anyone would want to stick to just one.
The key items in my wardrobe are my black leather biker jacket and my black blazer, I feel like any outfit I have on I can transform it to rock chick with the biker jacket and sleek and sophisticated with the blazer.
I think the worst thing is seeing other people in the same clothes as you, I like to be individual so I customise alot of my clothes, be it wilth lace, studs, dying, anything to stand out from the crowd.
I like to mix up vintage and highstreet with designer accessories to create something different, also finding different ways to wear clothes, e.g. a skirt doesnt always have to be worn as a skirt!

I hope you enjoy the outfits I share with you and give you some inspiration!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

15. Make-up Update

Before I went to Paris I popped down to Superdrug for some essentials but ended up getting some treats too.

The MUA (Make Up Academy) range at Superdrug is amazing! All of the items are £1 exect some of the larger items which are understandably a little more expensive. What really stood out for me was the eye shaddows, theyre really amazing quality and the pigments are really strong which is not expected with these cheaper brands. They also have a really great range of nail varishes and lip sticks.

MUA - Heven and Earth Pallet £4
I got this pallet cos I think with my skin tone I suit more golds and browns rather than silvers and blacks that are too harsh. I love brown smokey eyes so I think this is perfect to experiment with. The colours are really strong and well lasting. MUA do lots of other pallets aswell as indiviual colours that for this price I'm definatley going to try!

MUA - Shade 28 Pearl £1
This colour really stood out for me I love the shimmer in it and it is really well pigmented, so much that it rivals MAC! The dark burnt orangey bronze looks amazing on and think it will make eyes really stand out.

MUA - Lipstick Shade 3 £1
I always go for the same old barbie pinks when buying lipsticks, if I ever get anything new I never wear it so I thought this range would be perfect for trying new colours as I wouldnt be wasting a fortune if it never got used again. I went for shade 3 which is a lovely pink that is a few shades darker than what I would usually go for. I was really suprised with it, I love the colour, it has a really moisturising feel when on and a glossy look. I will definalty be buying more from MUA!

Barry M - Wink Eye Marker £5
I had heard lots about this and been trying to get my hands on one for ages! So happy they finally had one in stock! I love liquid eye liner but find it takes me ages to get it right so I thought this may help speed up the process and it does! Its so quick and easy for a perfect application, it goes on really well over eye shaddow and it lasts really well. This is deffinatley my new favorite beauty product!


14. Virgos Lounge

As I'm not well I'm spending my bank holiday weekend tucked up in bed in front of my laptop which is not so good for my bank balance! I have however managed to come across this amazing website! Now everyone who knows me knows I love myself a sequin and as every peice on this site is embellished it is perfect for me. As all the peices have that special vitage look I think they are all timeless and you will be wearing in years to come.Virgos Lounge is perfect to find a extra special outfit for a special occasion or big night out. Here are a few of my favorite.

Amber Top and Moss Blouse - Both £45

These embelished tops are perfect with leather leggins and heels for cocktails, a skirt for a night out or even denim shorts to glam up your festival look.

Poppy Skirt - £85, Ziggy Velvet Leggins available in Black, Wine and Green - £55
I am in love with both of these items, I love the legnth of the skirt and the embellishment for a real statement look. The leggings I feel are very Fearne Cotton! Both peices are very vestile and able to make many looks with each.

Daffy - £78, Iggy - £69, Aggy - £65
I love a trophy jacket to create a statement with any look, I love the ones available at Virgos Lounge, great colours and shapes, throwing one of these on makes you look like youve made an effort even with a vest and jeans.

Raina - £85, Rosie - £78, Nicola - £95, Sophie - £85, Saffie Rust - £78
If you've got a special occasion coming up and want something to make you stand out from the crowd, Virgos Lounge is where to turn! The range in styles they have means theres something for every one and for the embelishment and detail in their items I think they're really reasonably priced!

All available now at Virgos Lounge
P.s. Check out the Lookbook, it's amazing!


Friday, 4 May 2012

13. Primark Stock up

As I had a day off on Wednesday I decided to nip into town and have a little look in primark, I felt a bargin hunt coming on! The problem I always have is I always go straight for the going out/dresses section, I never look at the casual/day time clothes. Considering I dont go out alot any more it means I have lots of unworn dresses in my wardrobe waiting for their time to come yet its lacking on the throwing on comfy kinda clothes! Primark actually has loads of nice dresses in at the moment so it was hard to resist but I went on the search for some nice jumpers....

First of all I grabbed some new black skinny jeans, I've had a few pairs from Primark before and they fit pretty well but the colour tends to wash out after a while, but for £9 I dont mind.

Next I found this lovely blouse, The colours, print and gold buttons give it a much more expensive look that what I would expect from Primark, I also love the black outlining the collar and down the front, it just makes it a little different. - £12

I also came across this batwing blouse, Its a lovely shape when it's on and very different. The only down side is the colour its sort of a greyish white, I wish it was more of a crisp white. I like the bow around the neck and the fabric is really soft and comfortable. I will wear with light wash skinnies, black biker jacket and my Chanel pumps. - £12

After searching the womens section for jumpers and realising theres more crop tops than winter wear at the moment I turned to the mens section to find these two..
This black sweatshirt is perfect for those lazy days and just throwing on to go to tesco with leggings and uggs type of outfits. The multi coloured speckled effect stops it from being plain and boring. I am going to be starting art college in September and think this will be perfect for every day wear as I wouldnt mind if I got paint all over it - Best part it was on £5 in the sale!

I found this other mens jumper, again a nice slouchy fit for those comfy days. I love navy knits, they look great with light wash denim. The pattern of the jumper keeps it stylish and again only £5 in the sale!

I then found this lovely bikini, the metallic colour looks so expensive and I love the ruffel top. With no holidays yet planned but looking to go away in July I think bikini shopping is due to start! - Top £6 Bottoms £3

Also for my holidays I bought these sandals, I love the kind of 'denim' colour so they will go with everything, I like the big buckles and the basic raw cuts of the leather. They are so soft and comfy cant wait to wear!! - £8


12. is one of my favorite clothing sites, it has a really big selection and its all really well priced. Theres also not the problem of buying an amazing dress from Topshop wearing it on a big night out and seeing at least 4 other girls in the same one, when you buy something from boohoo you rarely see someone else in the same thing. Here are a few of my favorite items available at the moment.

Elizabeth Neckline Detail Sleeveless Bodycon Dress
Was £20 now £12
Available in Cerise and Cream

Victoria Beckham style dress for only £12! You wouldnt mind if you only got 1 or 2 wears out of it for that price. I love the bright cerise for a bold statement and it is also available in cream for a more toned down look.

Belle PU Quilted & Ponteroma 2 Zip Pencil Skirt
Was £18 now £12
Available in Black and Taupe
This skirt looks so expensive for only £12.00! I love the PU quilt detail down the sides, very Chanel! I love the taupe colour with the shirt as shown, but the black would look amazing with a studded bralet for a night out, the longer legnth would keep in classy.

Mya Pintuck Waist Satin Cullotte Shorts
Was £10 now £8
Available in Grey and Mushroom
These shorts are perfect for the sports luxe trend. I love this cut of shorts as they are very flattering on with the higher waist and loose fit around the legs, I hate it when shorts are skin tight! The shiny fabric would make them look amazing with a sequined top, blazer and heels or could be thrown on during the day (in the summer months!) as a luxury alternative to denims.

Mischa Sleeveless Organza Box Pleat Skater Dress
Available in Aqua or Coral
This is a great updated version of the usual skater dresses that have been all over the highstreet latley. The organza is very similar to what Louis Vuitton have used in their latest collection. The pastel shades will look great with nude accessories and a big glitzy necklace. Lovely for a summer wedding, races or just a night out.

Mindy Wozen Zig Zag Print Playsuit
The print of this playsuit is very Missoni like and looks very expensive. I love playsuits while on holiday to just throw on over your bikini round the pool, this one means you still look fab whilst covering up, Its also stylish enough to wear on day to day occasions, rock it up with a biker jacket and black wedges.

These are just a few of the items I liked whilst browsing today, lots of other great items available at


11. Fashion Finds

Space print leggings
I love these leggings from Topshop funky leggings are a major trend at the moment and these are perfect, I love the colours and are perfect for summer. These will be perfect dressed up with a white silk vest, lashings of silver necklaces and chunky heels. But can also be dressed down with a denim shirt and sandals.

Stripe cutout sundress
This dress is also available in yellow and I cant decide which I like better. I like how the stripe gives it a casual feel. I really like the cut out on the waist band as I usually find cut out quite tacky I think this really suits the stlye of the dress. Adding a bright shoe will make a real statement.

Whamm mega layer wedges
Now anyone that knows me will know that I love anything pink but I suprisingly dont wear very much of it at all, infact looking in my wardrobe I dont think I have anything! Maybe this is why I love these wedges so much, the pastel shade is very on trend and a perfect addidtion to any summer wardrobe. They will add a statement to a light wash jean and a white vest or compliment so many summer dresses. I dont think they are a bad price, Topshop shoes always fit me well and are always comfortable so I think I may have to purchase! (once I've paid my chanels off that is!!) 


Tuesday, 1 May 2012


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10. Paris - Chanel

Everyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with Chanel. Karl is a creative genius, everything he makes turns to magic as it steps on the runway. Coco is one of the most influencial people in fashion to this date and will remain influencial forever with how she changed the history of womens wear. The double C logo is recognised worldwide and never tires. So I knew when I came to Paris this time I had to have a Chanel splurge! I wanted some simple Chanel ballet flats, they are expensive but they are perfect for every day wear and I knew I would wear them till the last thread and get my moneys worth! I was sooo excited to shop at the famous 31 rue Cambon and after a sighting of Mr Karl Lagerfeld him self the day before I couldnt be more excited to buy my very own peice of Chanel! We got to the shop which once housed Coco and it is gorgeous, white, bright and clean, simple and sophisticated, the space represented the brand perfectly. Wondering round the store browsing the selection of the old style boucel suits to the modern metalic dresses the balance was just right. So after having a good look round pretending I could afford to buy everything I liked (which was everything) I finally got to the shoes. It was hard to resist the nude pumps with metallic fleck but I knew the classic black would be the more sensible choice. I am so happy with them, they are so comfortable and will be classic forever, I just love looking down at my toes and seeing my double C!

The next day we were strolling down Ave Montaigne and popped into the Chanel shop there, purely for a little nosey, when I saw the Camilla Rain Boots, Black shiny wellies with two large signature camilla flowers on the side each with a golden double C on one of the petals. I was in love and knew I had to have them, as they were wellies they were priced reasonably, the same as what you would pay for a pair of limited edition Hunters. I tried them on and they fit like a dream and looked amazing, they just look like black patant boots than wellingtons. As I was there armed with my Nanas credit card the purchase was made! I know I will wear these all of the time as they are so comfortable and are perfect throw on boots.

9. Paris - Louboutin

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Paris for the second time. After going last year I have totally fallen in love with the place, every where you look there is something beautiful to see. After seeing most of the sights last year, this year was about shopping!
Having bought my first pair of Louboutins in January after a massive save and christmas money combined, I decided to sell them as they were going to end the life of my feet, I put them on ebay and managed to get more than I orignally paid for them so that money was in the pot to buy some new ones that I could actually wear.

So our first stop was the Louboutin shop, the store itself is more like a gallery, all the shoes are displayed in their own little lit up coves in the wall so you can appriciate each one like a peice of art. I was amazed at the selection that was on offer but unfortunatley not alot of selection available in a size 5 and I had a strict budget wich also limited my choice. I wanted something plain enough to go with everything but not boring as I didnt want to pay £600+ for a pair of plain black heels also they had to fit perfectly and me be willing to run a marathon in them as I didnt want to make the same mistake as last time. After visiting both stores (twice!) and nearly throwing tantrums in each.

I finally settled on a lovely pair of gold glitter, peep toe sling backs. They have a 120mm heel so not too high that they will ruin your night out and the gold glitter makes them really stand out especially with the famous red sole. I am in love with these shoes and such a great investment, on the evening we went to the show at Moulin Rouge so it was perfect to wear them. I put them with the black bodycon dress with large white bow thats featured on my previous posts. I recived alot of compliments about the dress and shoes, mostly from gay american men which are my target audience as I am dying for my own Stanford!

I am in love with these shoes and such a great investment, on the evening we went to the show at Moulin Rouge so it was perfect to wear them. I put them with the black bodycon dress with large white bow thats featured on my previous posts. I recived alot of compliments about the dress and shoes, mostly from gay american men which are my target audience as I am dying for my own Stanford!