Thursday, 14 March 2013

All That Glitters Canvases

Hey Everyone, 

I've started my own business creating custom made canvases and paintings of all the things us girlies love - chanel perfume bottles, lipsticks, louboutins, all with a sprinkle of glitter! I plan on doing a full post on this asap but for now please check out my face book page HERE for some pictures of whats available! 


Sunday, 3 March 2013

WOW shoes

So yesterday I was so happy to recive these babies! I was so excited, I saw them on the Boohoo facebook page and instantly went to the website to get them ordered as I thought they'd definatley be a fast seller. I cant belive they were only £35.00 they are so comfortable and really good quality for the price. I love the unusual heel I've never seen anything else like them. Theyre definatley not going to be leaving my feet over the summer. Boohoo have some really amazing peices, especially their boutique range, Check them out!


25 Random Facts About Me

Ive sen alot of these posts going around and enjoy reading them so thought I'd do my own, enjoy!

I absoloutley love animals, especially dogs, I treat mine like a baby, I hate anything to do with animal cruelty, If I was really rich I would open an animal shelter and cuddle them all day

I am terrified of being on my own, a few weeks ago my mum went on holiday and I had to stay on my own for the first time and I cried all night and had to leave all the lights on in the house, pretty embarrasing at the age of 22!

I have really bad circulation in my feet and they always turn purple and blue which frightens me!

I am dying to have my own house just to decorate but not actually live in

I am possibly the worlds fussiest eater, the most exotic thing I will eat is nandos

I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, I feel really guilty if I don't because I cant really afford it! I get really proud of my self if I go alot, I am still awaiting results from it tho, I think my chocolate addiction kind of cancels out any exercise I do!

I am slightly obbsessed with Paris! My house is kind of a shrine to the eiffel tower, I have been twice the last 2 years and hopefully going to go again this year, I feel like theres something magical when you walk round the streets and see all of the amazing architecture totally different to Middlesbrough!

I feel like my life is on hold untill win the lottery (fingers crossed!)

Tomato Ketchup and Brown sauce are some of my greatest fears, I dont know what it is about them but they make me feel sick and I couldnt think of aything worse than eating them

It really upsets me that at 22 I still dont really know what I want to do with my life yet, I wish I was one of those people that knew what they wanted to do when they were little and had a clear path of how to get there and are really successful by now

I went to Florida when I was 7 and have never forgotten it, I am dying to go back, Im hoping me and my boyfriend will go next year

When I was 18/19 I worked in Ibiza for 3 months, It was an amazing experience, hard work but so much fun, I'd recommend it to anyone!

Me and my best friend are not normal, if you overheard our conversations you'd think we'd been let out of a mental institution

My dream job would be being on E! Fashion Police! I love Joan!

I'm not shy, I'm quiet, I do feel like theres a difference - because I used to be both! Sometimes I just dont know what to say to people, I find it hard to put my self forward especially in group situations just because I worry that no one will be interested in what I have to say

I'm quite happy to be on my own, I enjoy my own company. This probably comes from being an only child

I talk to my dog all the time, even when she's not there - i.e. In Tesco 'What shall we have for tea tonight Twinkle', she never answers - wired I know haha

If I could I'd have a wardrobe full of Chanel bags, Louboutin shoes and Roberto Cavalli clothes

I've never broken a bone even though I always had injuries from horse iding

I've been horse riding since I was really young and got my first horse when I was 11 and I've still got him now, we could never part with him, he's part of the family

I work in a coffee shop yet I have never tried tea or coffee!

I am hoping to study textiles at degree level next year in the hope it will lead me to a great career

I used to be a total party animal where now I prefer nights in watching corrie! Deffinatley getting old!!

I met Rachel Zoe in London 2 years ago, I cried when I met her and still cry thinking about it now! - Total weirdo I know! I get emotional at such stupid things!

I wish I had more confidence in my self and everything I do and really envy those people that do!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

46. Cooler Than The Red Dress

I found this dress in a local boutique for just £20! I love the print and the peplum, perfect for a night out glammed up with the girls.


45. Lace

I came across these trousers in H&M last year, they were £5 in the sale and I thought it was rude not to buy them for this price yet wasn't totally sure if I would actually get much wear out of them, yet they are now one of my favorite things in my wardrobe! The nude pallet is so versitile and the shape is great with heels and flats. For this look I paired it with this t-shirt from Zara, Its got a white frill round the sleeves and neckline and pearl and black beads which kind of reminds me of Chanel. The 'it' shoes of the moment, strappy sandals, I got mine for £12 from Primark, finished of with a Moschino belt.

Is anyone else loving Styled To Rock on Sky Living? I've been obbsessed and so sad its the final tonight! Fingers crossed for Heidi, shes my fave!


Monday, 27 August 2012

43. What I Would Pack For A Milan City Break With Easyjet Holidays

What I Would Pack For A Milan City Break With Easyjet Holidays

I was recently contacted to take part in a fab competition to win tickets for a London Fashion Week event with Easy Jet holidays. The Competition includes creating blog posts with what you would pack for some holidays to some very fashionable destinations with Easyjet, and the super cheap flights mean more money to spend on clothes for the trip! If any of you are interested in entering the competion check out their website HERE

So this week it was Milan Vs Palma and I chose Milan, its always been somewhere I've wanted to visit, Its the type of place people throw on jeans and a tee and look so effortlessly cool. Easyjet also provide some information on all othe fablulous things to do HERE, I feel its all about the luxury basics and here are 3 outfits I would love to rock on the streets of Milan, all to be styled with a sleek top knot and a slick of red lipstick.

The first outfit features some faboulous leather trousers and a sharp shouldered blazer which are so chic, then the fun comes with a leopard top, a studded bag, some colour popping boots and some diamond encrusted sunglasses. I think this is a perfect day time look as you really need comfort aswell as style on a city break, the flat boots will allow you to discover the magical streets of milan with out suffering achey feet!

The next outfit I feel would be perfect for an evening meal or a few cocktails around the city. I think the studded waist band on the nude trousers create a really nice deatail to make the trousers that much more luxurious, teaming it with the black lace top and boots make a really drastic statement. I love how sexy the top is without being revealing. A red fringe bag just adds something different to the outfit.

Finally is an outfit I would love to pack for a evening out in Milan. To say I love these shoes would be an understatment, the pointed toe and the mini metal heel makes them so on trend and in person they are so beautiful. I love the black chiffon and beaded skirt, I think that it's really unusual, teaming it with this nude blouse with diamond deatail round the neck and cuffs would make a really striking combo, team with a huge black clutch and your'e good to go.
All the clothes from this feature are avaialbe from Zara and are currently available online.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

42. Hello There

Hello Everyone!

After a long break from blogging I am finally back, whilst in the middle of moving house I've found it hard to find the time to get it done and not having access to all my clothes with them all being in storage has made it a nightmare but I'm back and raring to go. I've spent a small fortune latley on topping up my wardrobe for starting college in a few weeks, very exciting! I've always been one of those people that would rather spend £40 on a dress I would wear once rather that a jumper I'd wear 100 times, also since when I was at uni 3 years ago, I've never really had a reason to buy alot of day time clothes, I've always been in a job where I've had a uniform, had to wear all black or quite strict on office attire. So I'm saying good bye to the sparkley dresses and bringing on the wooley jumpers! I will definalty be doing a few posts on my latest purchases soon.

Last night I decided it was time for me to finallly invest in a good camera, especially as photography is part of my college course, after searching for days I found a really good deal on a Canon G11, now apparently this is a good camera and I'm sure it has its bad points but for me who's used to using my iPhone it will be amazing, if any one has this camera or any hints and tips at all into using these very technical devices I would love to hear them as I will be lost when it finally comes!

Just a quick update from me and will be back very soon