Tuesday, 1 May 2012

10. Paris - Chanel

Everyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with Chanel. Karl is a creative genius, everything he makes turns to magic as it steps on the runway. Coco is one of the most influencial people in fashion to this date and will remain influencial forever with how she changed the history of womens wear. The double C logo is recognised worldwide and never tires. So I knew when I came to Paris this time I had to have a Chanel splurge! I wanted some simple Chanel ballet flats, they are expensive but they are perfect for every day wear and I knew I would wear them till the last thread and get my moneys worth! I was sooo excited to shop at the famous 31 rue Cambon and after a sighting of Mr Karl Lagerfeld him self the day before I couldnt be more excited to buy my very own peice of Chanel! We got to the shop which once housed Coco and it is gorgeous, white, bright and clean, simple and sophisticated, the space represented the brand perfectly. Wondering round the store browsing the selection of the old style boucel suits to the modern metalic dresses the balance was just right. So after having a good look round pretending I could afford to buy everything I liked (which was everything) I finally got to the shoes. It was hard to resist the nude pumps with metallic fleck but I knew the classic black would be the more sensible choice. I am so happy with them, they are so comfortable and will be classic forever, I just love looking down at my toes and seeing my double C!

The next day we were strolling down Ave Montaigne and popped into the Chanel shop there, purely for a little nosey, when I saw the Camilla Rain Boots, Black shiny wellies with two large signature camilla flowers on the side each with a golden double C on one of the petals. I was in love and knew I had to have them, as they were wellies they were priced reasonably, the same as what you would pay for a pair of limited edition Hunters. I tried them on and they fit like a dream and looked amazing, they just look like black patant boots than wellingtons. As I was there armed with my Nanas credit card the purchase was made! I know I will wear these all of the time as they are so comfortable and are perfect throw on boots.

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