Tuesday, 8 May 2012

16. My Style

As part of my blog I always inted to do outfit posts but never gotten round to it, so before I start I thought I'd talk to you all a bit about my personal style.
As odd as it may sound I kind of treat clothes a bit like fancy dress! With the right outfit you can become anyone. My style is very very ecclectic, one day you could see me in a pretty lace tea dress and the next day in ripped jeans and a biker jacket. There are so many great styles and fashion trends out there I dont know why anyone would want to stick to just one.
The key items in my wardrobe are my black leather biker jacket and my black blazer, I feel like any outfit I have on I can transform it to rock chick with the biker jacket and sleek and sophisticated with the blazer.
I think the worst thing is seeing other people in the same clothes as you, I like to be individual so I customise alot of my clothes, be it wilth lace, studs, dying, anything to stand out from the crowd.
I like to mix up vintage and highstreet with designer accessories to create something different, also finding different ways to wear clothes, e.g. a skirt doesnt always have to be worn as a skirt!

I hope you enjoy the outfits I share with you and give you some inspiration!

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