Friday, 4 May 2012

13. Primark Stock up

As I had a day off on Wednesday I decided to nip into town and have a little look in primark, I felt a bargin hunt coming on! The problem I always have is I always go straight for the going out/dresses section, I never look at the casual/day time clothes. Considering I dont go out alot any more it means I have lots of unworn dresses in my wardrobe waiting for their time to come yet its lacking on the throwing on comfy kinda clothes! Primark actually has loads of nice dresses in at the moment so it was hard to resist but I went on the search for some nice jumpers....

First of all I grabbed some new black skinny jeans, I've had a few pairs from Primark before and they fit pretty well but the colour tends to wash out after a while, but for £9 I dont mind.

Next I found this lovely blouse, The colours, print and gold buttons give it a much more expensive look that what I would expect from Primark, I also love the black outlining the collar and down the front, it just makes it a little different. - £12

I also came across this batwing blouse, Its a lovely shape when it's on and very different. The only down side is the colour its sort of a greyish white, I wish it was more of a crisp white. I like the bow around the neck and the fabric is really soft and comfortable. I will wear with light wash skinnies, black biker jacket and my Chanel pumps. - £12

After searching the womens section for jumpers and realising theres more crop tops than winter wear at the moment I turned to the mens section to find these two..
This black sweatshirt is perfect for those lazy days and just throwing on to go to tesco with leggings and uggs type of outfits. The multi coloured speckled effect stops it from being plain and boring. I am going to be starting art college in September and think this will be perfect for every day wear as I wouldnt mind if I got paint all over it - Best part it was on £5 in the sale!

I found this other mens jumper, again a nice slouchy fit for those comfy days. I love navy knits, they look great with light wash denim. The pattern of the jumper keeps it stylish and again only £5 in the sale!

I then found this lovely bikini, the metallic colour looks so expensive and I love the ruffel top. With no holidays yet planned but looking to go away in July I think bikini shopping is due to start! - Top £6 Bottoms £3

Also for my holidays I bought these sandals, I love the kind of 'denim' colour so they will go with everything, I like the big buckles and the basic raw cuts of the leather. They are so soft and comfy cant wait to wear!! - £8


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  1. Some of my favourite jumpers I've found in the men's section at Primark! Really liking the bikini too.