Wednesday, 27 June 2012

37. Primark Jacket

I recently picked up this jacket from Primark for only £26! Jackets are probably my favorite thing, theyr're so easy to make a statement with over a plain outfit. I love the monochrome colour scheme and I feel like it Naomi Clarke (90201) when I wear it. Such a great peice of tailoring for such a great price!

I teamed my jacket with my lime green peplum top, shiny black leggings and plain black heels and a statement spike necklace.

I have just booked my holiday so I am finally allowed to get excited!! Trying not to spend any money on holiday clothes as I have so many that I didnt wear from last year! I just can't wait to spend a week in the sun with my boyfriend, we've found a gorgeous hotel in Tunisia but never been before, have any of you? Any tips of things to do, what its like ectt?


Thursday, 21 June 2012

36. Topshop Sale

It's definatley one of my most anticipated emails, Topshop sale now on! Finally a chance to grab your favorite bits you've been lusting over for a more reasonable price! Here are a few favorite sale picks from the website.

1. Kaleidoscope Swimsuit - Was £34, Now £15 - Now I know this is classed as a 'swimsuit' but whats to stop you wearing it as a body with jeans, denim shorts or disco pants, I love the print and it also has a keyhole open back.
2. MOTO Dip Dyed Hotpants - Was £34, Now £15 - I love the colour of these dip dye shorts, I've seen so many pastels, blues, pinks, purlples but none as bright as this, a definate must have to get you noticed at festivals this summer.
3. Jewel Tulle Prom Dress by Dress Up Topshop** - Was £225, Now £100 - The ultimate party dress, the jewels, the tulle, the colour, everything needed to make you feel like a princess, great for a last minute prom dress or for a special occasions.
4. Binocular Case Bag - Was £30, Now £15 - Loving this bag, the metallic and unusual shape make it a statement for any outfit also has a vintage look.
5. Vintage Lace Dress - Was £65, Now £35 - The dress everyones after! So cute and girly the lace is so pretty, hope I manage to get my hands on one!
6. Strappy Spikey Playsuit By Dress Up Topshop** - Was £150, Now £75 - Another show stopping party outfit, heavily embelished gives a very glam look but while its black it lets you use your imagination with colourful accessories.
7. **Gem Beaded Bodycon Dress by Dress Up Topshop - Was £65, Now £35 - Seen on Lauren Pope during The Only Way is Marbs, Great body con dress in a great colour, perfect for holidays and loving the embelishment.
8. PALAIS Layered Metallic Wedges - Was £85, Now £40 - Perfect wedge for the summer, black goes with everything, the metallic gold makes them that much needed kick, for a more pastel look they also come in mint green and silver.
9. PAPARAZZI Hologram Toe-Cap Shoes - Was £78, Now £35 - Love these, they remind me of the Louis Vuitton summer collection, pointy toes are making a come back, love the hologram detail, gives such a modern twist on the trend.
10. ROAR Flame Side Detail Sandals - Was £55, Now £25 - Another designer infulenced shoe, give your nod to the iconic Prada shoes from this season with these budget versions.

Be quick to grab these items on or see whats available in your local stores.


35. Birthday Dress

This week I celebrated my 22nd birthday, can't belive I'm getting so old! Last saturday I went out with the girls to celebrate. I wanted a really nice dress but had a nightmare finding one. I have had my eye on one from Virgo's Lounge for weeks but since Miss Lydia Bright from TOWIE has been pictured in it it has been sold out :(. I ended up hitting the shops in a blind panic a few days before and buying everything as 'back up's' that caught my eye but wasnt happy with any of them. Finally on friday night at around 7pm, Lipsy popped into my mind, I looked on their webesite and ordered two dresses with next day delivery but not hopeful they would come in time, but they did! 10am saturday morning and they were here and I fell in love with this mint green number. The peplum waist is really on trend and I love the sequin bust detail for a bit of glamour. Perfect party frock and it was only £55!

Dress - Lipsy, Shoes - ASOS


Monday, 11 June 2012

34. DIY Shorts

Hi Everyone, sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been so boring, I have a few things lined up for this week though!

The other night while sorting out the loft I came across a big pile of my Mam's old jeans, She did'nt want them any more so I thought I'd have a go a a bit of DIY with them and turn them into shorts. I really like the Ragged Priest things so took a bit of inspiration from that. Since ordering the star studs of eBay for my denim jacket I have been obsessed with studding everything! Also tie dying everything, I will have nothing left in its original condition soon!

Here's how my two favorite pairs turned out.

I love the effects of both of these pairs, I cant belive how cheap these looks are to achive when they are so expensive to buy! Definatley worth a go!


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

33. DIY - Body Chain / Necklace

After catching up with the latest gossip on the daily mail website I came across a picture of Jess Wright from TOWIE and it gave me ispiration to make my own body chain, I knew we had loads of pieces of chain laying about in our sewing room so I dug them all out and began. I know these are really expensive in the shops I payed around £20 for a really simple one, I wish I had just made one now, I already had the chain but it is really cheap to buy from a craft store.

What you will need - Chain, as much or as little as you'd like and in any colour - Some Scissors to open up the chain links - Plyers to close the links back up - Some clips, I already had this chain with two clips on, I think it may have originally been a bag handle but you can get clips from craft stores.

I used the thicker chain I had found as my base but if you can't find anything like that measure a piece that fits your neck and attach the clips and start building up the chains in any style you like.

It is really simple to attach the chains to each other. Use the scissors to open the link up, place it around the chain your attaching it too and close with the plyers. It can get quite fiddley but once you get the hang of it it get's easier.

Keep trying it on to see where the chains need adding and there you have it your very own body chain or necklace!

I might move some of the chains around once I see it on with a propper outfit but I'm really please with how it has turned out, I think it will create a real statement to a plain outfit.
Give it a try!


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

32. DIY - Star Studded

When I get bored I like to try and do something 'productive', this usually involves ruining something!! I had ordered some studs a few weeks ago for a DIY project and totally forgot about them so while I've been bored over this really long bank holiday It was perfect timing to come across them. I got this denim jacket about 3 years ago from Primark and cut the sleeves off last year, I thought I'd jazz it up a little, well alot, with the studs.



I bought the star studs off ebay, I paid around £7.00 for all of them. I got 100 of the large ones and 300 of the smaller ones and still have loads left that I'm going to put on some denim shorts or maybe a T-shirt. They push threw the denim really easily, such a cheap, easy way to update old clothes and make something original which I love!

I'm trying to update alot of old clothes for my holiday this year as I'm on a budget but want to create some new looks so expect some more posts like this soon :)


Saturday, 2 June 2012

31. Colour Pop

Last night I went for a meal and a few drinks with my Boyfriend and some friends. This is what I wore..

Necklace - River Island, Vest - Urban Outfitters, Blazer - Topshop,
 Leggings - Graffiti, Shoes - River Island, Bag - Charity Shop

I love my fake disco pants, I just want to wear them all the time! I think I might buy the real version in navy after my birthday, they make everything look that bit cooler. I found this great bag in a charity shop, I've only just recently started looking in charity shops but been so suprised of all the great finds for so cheap! Can't wait to discover more.

Today I'm on a mission to raise holiday funds so putting loads of stuff on eBay! I will put a link to my shop on later tonight when I've finished so you can have a browse. I've also gone tie dye crazy latley so will be showing you all my latest creations!

Hope you all enjoy a lovely long weekend.