Thursday, 24 May 2012

24. How To - Tie Dye Tassels

I'm kind of loving the latest tie dye trend so I've had a go myself, I did some denim shorts a few weeks ago which I havent had chance to wear yet but last night I had another go with an old dress. It was an old Topshop favorite that I've had for about 3 or 4 years but thought it would be great made into a colourful top so I could get more wear out of it, Heres how to have a go at this Tie Dye effect your self..

Step one - Select the item you want to dye, something white is best as the dye will take better and the colours will be strongest. This is how my dress started.

Step two - Choose your dyes, you can have one or a million different colours its totally up to you! Be sure to pick colours that will compliment each other and think about the colours they will form if they run into each other. The dyes I used were Dylon Fabric Dye in colours - French Lavender, Bahama Blue, Sunflower Yellow and Flamingo Pink. I paid £9.99 for a choice of 4 dyes off eBay.

Step Three - Mix your dyes, I kind of improvised with this part and didnt stick to the instructions on the packet. I put two small spoonfulls of dye into a bottle with hot water and shook it up. I used a travel sized bottle that I got a pack of 5 from Primark for around £2, these are available everywhere and really handy when wanting to create this effect.

Step Four - Find a suitable area you can dye your item, I used a kitchen work top with binliners underneath, this protects the work surface but also holds the dye for it to be absorbing over night.I tied up the ends of the dress to protect them from the dye.  

Step Five - Start applying the dye, I just squirted the dye along in strips.

Step Six - Build up all of the colours along the tassels and leave over night.

Step Seven - After leaving over night, give the item a good rinse and then machine wash, I then cut the bottom of the dress off to make into a top and voila your tie dye tassels are done!

I am really happy with the finished product! I wanted to leave the top all white and just have the tassels in colour but the blue dye absorbed into the top, I think it actually looks really cool and its an effect I couldnt of created if I had wanted too. I really like that you cant make mistakes with Tie Dye and its a totally individual design that you end up with.

Check out my next post on how I wore my new top.


  1. This looks amazing!! :) I might have to give it a go myself!! :)

  2. Wooow that's so effective! I bet Topshop would charge a fortune for this effect hehe.
    I'll definitely be giving this a try :)

  3. Thank you :) Its so easy and cheap, every one should try it! xxx

  4. Great job! I love it!

    Simona Mar x