About Me

Hi Im Hollie,
Im 21 and live in Middlesbrough, right up north where nothing exciting ever happens.
I am currently working full time in a coffee shop before I start studying Art and Design later this year at Cleveland College of Art and Design, hoping to go on to study Fashion Marketing after that.
I have started this blog as I spend most of my time prowling the internet and shops looking for great bargins and lusting after designer items so thought I might aswell share my finds with everyone! I spend 99% of my hard earned cash on clothes, shoes and accessorries, some of it I save and save to splash on one item and sometimes I cant resist a massive haul in primark.
While my blog is mainly about fashion I will share anything I find of interest and that fits in with the blog, icluding beauty, celebrity and my very own adventures.

Hope you all enjoy
love Hx

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