Saturday, 21 April 2012

8. Make-up ARTIST

While reading the daily mail online I came across an article about a chinese girl, Promise Tamang Phan, who posts videos on YouTube and can transform her self into any celebrity, from Marylin Monroe to Micheal Jackson, all with the magical use of make-up. I wasn't so convinced when I was reading but after watching a few of the videos WOW! The likeness to Angelina Jolie is scary! She keeps the videos short and to the point which is great for me as I hate other make up tutorials I've watched where they go on for ages and I get bored. Even if your not wanting to go for the full look, the videos are worth a watch to pick up a few tips to add to your daily make up routine. Here are a few of my favourite looks that she has created.

Angelina Jolie


Michael Jackson

Scarlett Johanson

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