Thursday, 21 June 2012

36. Topshop Sale

It's definatley one of my most anticipated emails, Topshop sale now on! Finally a chance to grab your favorite bits you've been lusting over for a more reasonable price! Here are a few favorite sale picks from the website.

1. Kaleidoscope Swimsuit - Was £34, Now £15 - Now I know this is classed as a 'swimsuit' but whats to stop you wearing it as a body with jeans, denim shorts or disco pants, I love the print and it also has a keyhole open back.
2. MOTO Dip Dyed Hotpants - Was £34, Now £15 - I love the colour of these dip dye shorts, I've seen so many pastels, blues, pinks, purlples but none as bright as this, a definate must have to get you noticed at festivals this summer.
3. Jewel Tulle Prom Dress by Dress Up Topshop** - Was £225, Now £100 - The ultimate party dress, the jewels, the tulle, the colour, everything needed to make you feel like a princess, great for a last minute prom dress or for a special occasions.
4. Binocular Case Bag - Was £30, Now £15 - Loving this bag, the metallic and unusual shape make it a statement for any outfit also has a vintage look.
5. Vintage Lace Dress - Was £65, Now £35 - The dress everyones after! So cute and girly the lace is so pretty, hope I manage to get my hands on one!
6. Strappy Spikey Playsuit By Dress Up Topshop** - Was £150, Now £75 - Another show stopping party outfit, heavily embelished gives a very glam look but while its black it lets you use your imagination with colourful accessories.
7. **Gem Beaded Bodycon Dress by Dress Up Topshop - Was £65, Now £35 - Seen on Lauren Pope during The Only Way is Marbs, Great body con dress in a great colour, perfect for holidays and loving the embelishment.
8. PALAIS Layered Metallic Wedges - Was £85, Now £40 - Perfect wedge for the summer, black goes with everything, the metallic gold makes them that much needed kick, for a more pastel look they also come in mint green and silver.
9. PAPARAZZI Hologram Toe-Cap Shoes - Was £78, Now £35 - Love these, they remind me of the Louis Vuitton summer collection, pointy toes are making a come back, love the hologram detail, gives such a modern twist on the trend.
10. ROAR Flame Side Detail Sandals - Was £55, Now £25 - Another designer infulenced shoe, give your nod to the iconic Prada shoes from this season with these budget versions.

Be quick to grab these items on or see whats available in your local stores.



  1. i have seen so much on the sale! i love the cream dress its adoriable xx

    1. theres so much thats hard to resist when trying to save! ahh! xxx

  2. i'd ordered a few seconds ago from topshop *-*
    i love the topshop clothes so much :))

    1. aw so lucky i'm trying to resit so much, trying to save for a holiday!! xxx