Tuesday, 5 June 2012

32. DIY - Star Studded

When I get bored I like to try and do something 'productive', this usually involves ruining something!! I had ordered some studs a few weeks ago for a DIY project and totally forgot about them so while I've been bored over this really long bank holiday It was perfect timing to come across them. I got this denim jacket about 3 years ago from Primark and cut the sleeves off last year, I thought I'd jazz it up a little, well alot, with the studs.



I bought the star studs off ebay, I paid around £7.00 for all of them. I got 100 of the large ones and 300 of the smaller ones and still have loads left that I'm going to put on some denim shorts or maybe a T-shirt. They push threw the denim really easily, such a cheap, easy way to update old clothes and make something original which I love!

I'm trying to update alot of old clothes for my holiday this year as I'm on a budget but want to create some new looks so expect some more posts like this soon :)