Wednesday, 6 June 2012

33. DIY - Body Chain / Necklace

After catching up with the latest gossip on the daily mail website I came across a picture of Jess Wright from TOWIE and it gave me ispiration to make my own body chain, I knew we had loads of pieces of chain laying about in our sewing room so I dug them all out and began. I know these are really expensive in the shops I payed around £20 for a really simple one, I wish I had just made one now, I already had the chain but it is really cheap to buy from a craft store.

What you will need - Chain, as much or as little as you'd like and in any colour - Some Scissors to open up the chain links - Plyers to close the links back up - Some clips, I already had this chain with two clips on, I think it may have originally been a bag handle but you can get clips from craft stores.

I used the thicker chain I had found as my base but if you can't find anything like that measure a piece that fits your neck and attach the clips and start building up the chains in any style you like.

It is really simple to attach the chains to each other. Use the scissors to open the link up, place it around the chain your attaching it too and close with the plyers. It can get quite fiddley but once you get the hang of it it get's easier.

Keep trying it on to see where the chains need adding and there you have it your very own body chain or necklace!

I might move some of the chains around once I see it on with a propper outfit but I'm really please with how it has turned out, I think it will create a real statement to a plain outfit.
Give it a try!



  1. I love how she has used it to make her outfit stand out, she looks great.
    Your DIY version is fantastic, well done!

  2. Great DIY, the end result is really cool when worn against a simple black top :)