Monday, 11 June 2012

34. DIY Shorts

Hi Everyone, sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been so boring, I have a few things lined up for this week though!

The other night while sorting out the loft I came across a big pile of my Mam's old jeans, She did'nt want them any more so I thought I'd have a go a a bit of DIY with them and turn them into shorts. I really like the Ragged Priest things so took a bit of inspiration from that. Since ordering the star studs of eBay for my denim jacket I have been obsessed with studding everything! Also tie dying everything, I will have nothing left in its original condition soon!

Here's how my two favorite pairs turned out.

I love the effects of both of these pairs, I cant belive how cheap these looks are to achive when they are so expensive to buy! Definatley worth a go!



  1. great idea :) love the jeans-short *-*

  2. ahhh love the second pair especially,so cute! :) xx

  3. Great idea !! The second one are super pretty!:)

  4. shorts look lovely - great DIY - come and enter my New Look giveaway on my blog - its a goo dun! xxxx

  5. I've become addicted to bleaching all my denim recently. Might have to start adding some dye to the mix now! :)