Sunday, 26 August 2012

42. Hello There

Hello Everyone!

After a long break from blogging I am finally back, whilst in the middle of moving house I've found it hard to find the time to get it done and not having access to all my clothes with them all being in storage has made it a nightmare but I'm back and raring to go. I've spent a small fortune latley on topping up my wardrobe for starting college in a few weeks, very exciting! I've always been one of those people that would rather spend £40 on a dress I would wear once rather that a jumper I'd wear 100 times, also since when I was at uni 3 years ago, I've never really had a reason to buy alot of day time clothes, I've always been in a job where I've had a uniform, had to wear all black or quite strict on office attire. So I'm saying good bye to the sparkley dresses and bringing on the wooley jumpers! I will definalty be doing a few posts on my latest purchases soon.

Last night I decided it was time for me to finallly invest in a good camera, especially as photography is part of my college course, after searching for days I found a really good deal on a Canon G11, now apparently this is a good camera and I'm sure it has its bad points but for me who's used to using my iPhone it will be amazing, if any one has this camera or any hints and tips at all into using these very technical devices I would love to hear them as I will be lost when it finally comes!

Just a quick update from me and will be back very soon

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